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Consumer confidence to gradually recover in 1Q24, demand pick up


Consumer confidence to gradually recover in 1Q24, demand pick up

Ocean Freight Rate Tracker reports on outlook & projections
Edition of June 05, 2023

Consumer confidence should boost demand and capacity should return to the market, pushing up rates. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Well, it might just happen that way for international trade, as the bottom of the barrel seems to have been put behind, along with the lowest rates sin the end of the Covid-19 era. This is precisely what the Ti Insights report Ocean Freight Rate Tracker, presents in its outlook & projections for 2024: “Consumer confidence expected to gradually recover, starting Q1-2024. A gradual return of capacity to the market will follow, which is set to push rates upwards; Inventory: demand picks up, warehouse inventories will decrease. Restocking prompts greater demand and upward pressure on rates; Anticipated stable oil prices, with potential upward trends due to increased economic activity and OPEC supply constraints; Slower than expected bounce-back of China’s economy after reopening is keeping rates stagnant on the short term; Supplier price power: Fewer sailings blanked and fewer inactive ships to maintain equilibrium in rates; Capacity medium and long term: Delivery of new ship builds in 2024 at record levels expected to have downwards pressure on rates, in addition to a predicted increase in scrappage rates”, reads the conclusions of the report, which centered around three main areas to monitor freight rates: global demand, global capacity, and fuel.

Global demand

Leaving behind the pandemic driven consumer preference for merchandise, and underlying demand feeling the influence of the dynamics of monetary policy, we’ve seen volumes down. This had a marked depressive effect, driving down volumes by 2-3% on the most popular trades, such as the Transpacific. However, stabilization experienced in Q1 gives hope of a trend that will reach out from Intra-Asia into the Western markets. “Falling rising prices have pushed down demand in Europe whilst unsteady Chinese output has kept demand pressure low and allowed rates to fall. Ti’s outlook going forward expects European and US consumer demand to remain low whilst the uncertainties in the Chinese economy keep demand pressure low and prevent returns to the high rates of 2021 and 2022,” the report says on global demand outlook. 

Global capacity

The increase in capacity, triggered by an extreme response by ship owners and operators of ordering new ships, results now in a market that is over-supplied for current conditions and for the medium term, possibly until the end of 2024. MSC alone is leading on the capacity front with 5 million TEUs, while projections from major shipping lines suggest that deliveries in 2003 will be 2.5m TEU, rising to 3.9m TEU in 2024. There seems to be agreement in the sector that what might be called ‘gross volume’ of available capacity will grow in the region of 8-9% per annum in 2023 and 2024. “A key question remains, not so much around scrappage, which would have to be quite high to balance the flow of new capacity, but capacity management tools such as ‘slow steaming’ and service blanking,” suggests the report, acknowledging that these tactics are already starting to be applied. “Rates are low and are set to be kept low by new capacity coming on line as a result of panic buying in 2021 and 2022. Evidence suggests carriers are blanking services and increasing slow steaming, but this is unlikely to mop up the large volumes of surplus capacity in the market. Carriers appear intent on building market share as their fleets increase and with low demand side pressure the supply /demand balance points towards lower rates in coming months,” concludes the document on capacity. 

Fuel & sentiment tracker

The report also touches on how fuel price works into the dynamic, highlighting how bunker prices are low right now after peaking in May- June last year. Another variable considered in the Ocean Freight Rate Tracker is the sentiment tracker, a tool that polls users and takes their perception, their ‘sentiment’ and pulls it into the mix. “This quarter’s poll represented the largest mix of results, with 37.3% of respondents predicting rate falls and 41.5% predicting rate increases this appears to reflect a now more volatile market with more regular and smaller monetary swings in both directions,” reads the tracker. 

Of course, there are plenty other factors that play into the Ocean Freight Rate Tracker, such as operating costs, industrial demand, and labor shortages that are projected to go up, while trade restructuring, trade finance, production capacity, interest rates, intermodal capacity / costs, and inland warehouse space are expected to go down. Savings drawdown, inventory levels, supplier price power, port capacity/congestion, and container availability are all expected to stay the same. 

Emerging trends

The drivers that shape freight rates have been hard to discern over the first half of 2023, with the threat of global recession that looms over projections of a more optimistic pick up from the demand side. Shipping lines are at a crossroads facing their competitive position and strategies going forward, consolidating their operation in the post-pandemic era between profitability and market-share. “Answering these questions will determine freight rates in the immediate future,” points out Ti. 

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