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WISTA AMERICAS 2018 conference successful first day

Participants from over 15 countries attended the conference debut
Edition of June 20, 2018

The Centro Naval of Buenos Aires has united over a hundred people attending the first regional conference WISTA AMERICAS 2018. From the Almirante Brown room, the day began with an introductory panel on WISTA INTERNATIONAL, lead by Despina Panayotou, president WISTA INTERNATIONAL and Jeanne Grasso, ExCo member, along with María Belén Espiñeira, president WISTA ARGENTINA, host country.

After an animated social networking mid-morning break, the second panel addressed challenges for the maritime-port industry in the region, with visions from both the public and provate sector from Argentina and Brazil.


For María Belén Espiñeira, the event’s kick off was a a double success. Not only is WISTA ARGENTINA the host of the first regional WISTA AMERICAS conference, but is also celebrating its 5-year anniversary, which turns the meeting into an even more special occasion, motivating other country delegations to form their own national association. “I’m very excited because this is our first time. We are very happy to see so many women committed to the organization come together and also thankful to have the support of WISTA INTERNATIONAL and the other chapter organizations,” says the leader of the Argentinean association in exclusive to MundoMaritimo.

Despina Panayotou, president WISTA INTERNATIONAL, commented that today’s sessión has been very enlightening, especially for those coming from outside of the Latin American region. “I’m very excited to see so many people interested in forming part of WISTA and to see the organization grow on an international scale, because that calls the rest of the region to become part of something larger. It is very nice to see the support among the countries,” says the leading executive.

WISTA AMERICAS 2018 is being held in Centro Naval in Buenos Aires, June 18 - 19. Follow the exclusive coverage on our social media.

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