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TOC EUROPE 2018 and the Latinamerican integration

Conference to include content on Latinamerican ports
Edition of June 12, 2018

As part of an initiative by the Embassy of the Netherlands, the 2018 version of TOC Europe will include for the first time ever a discussion session on Latinamerican ports and their integration to the global industry.

MundoMaritimo talked in exclusive with the Economic & Trade Policy office from the Embassy of the Netherlands, TOC Europe sponsor, to learn more about this innovative initiative. Tassilo Gärtner, Business Developer / Economic & Trade Policy Officer from the Embassy of the Netherlands says that the port mission by the dutch representations is integrated by diverse government, municipal and port authorities, as well as private sector representatives for the maritime and port industry, port operator directives (among other concessionaires) and container terminals which will be present at the event. “The mission has the representation of the most relevant sectors of the Latinamerican industry, including Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru and Panama. From the latter there will be authorities present fro the Canal, a most important gateway for trade between Latinamerica and Europe,” he says.

 Intercontinental cooperation

The 2018 TOC Europe will be held in Rotterdam –an exemplary port of world reknowned- which presents the perfect opportunity “to integrate Latinamerican ports to the world, in terms of sharing trends, technologies and other knowledge,” says Gärtner. “The port of Rotterdam is the largest in Europe and represents the main gateway of Latinamerican products into the continent. Although markets become economically relevant due to supply and demand, Europe has lead from the beginning the maritime-port industry development in technology, efficiency and innovation. The dutch ports have lead this development by being an example for many countries and ports around the world. Latinamerican ports can share their experiencies, show their capacity offer and pick up success stories from the European port development,” the executive adds.

This encounter allows to diffuse advances and policies applied to the sector, some as examples to follow and others as a base to adopt the experience and best practices on a local level. The issues to discuss in this event are varied. TOC Europe focuses presentations on addressing issues such as transformation, digitalization and innovation, which are certainly the most important ingredients for the fourth industrial revolution.

“From the dutch experience and point fo view, the focus is directed at the concepts of sustainability, port-city integration, circular economy in the environment industry. In this sense and always with a broad vision of ports of the future, la Latinamerican mission invited by the Netherlands to TOC Europe 2018 will learn about these success cases directly from the source, from public sector, private and academia,” he added.

By MundoMaritimo

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