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Three years of Seacape in the Southern Cone

Company celebrated third anniversary of regional presence
Edition of April 16, 2018

“Basically, we want to share with our clients, thank them and see how we can help them in the future,” said Jose Pereira, CEO and founder of Seacape, in the company’s third regional anniversary event.

MundoMaritimo attended the event exclusively, where guests shared with the company’s founder and the Santiago team, lead by Regional Commercial Manager, Ricardo Vergara. “In 2017 we transported two million tons by parceling, a challenge we have been able to solve with the regularity of a modern fleet we currently operate in the different traffic areas we offer. This year, we are additionally reinforcing the Chile office by training a team that will soon be qualified with the intention to satisfy client’s needs in the shortest time possible,” said Vergara.

“The services we have reinforced in Chile have been fruit of the constant work and support from the Seacape Miami board and especially from our CEO, Jose Pereira, who along with the Miami team provides us with tools and resources necessary to acheive the proposed goals,” Vergara said, to which Pereira added a heartfelt thank you to the Southern Cone clients. “We want to thank our clients for their continued support and trust. Service is our policy and we- as a relatively small company- want to always offer a personalized service. This business thrives on trust and relationships and that’s our strong suit.”

Client Alexei Pinedo, General Manager from APS Brokers, “in this three years, Seacape has become an important partner for APS Brokers and charters, providing custom made solutions for partial cargo and complete vessels. Our teams in Lima and Bogota are in constant communication with the Chile office and we have sealed deals in steel, grains and concentrate from several origins and destinations within the Americas, as Seacape is a very active company in Peru and Colombia as well.”

Conquering the Southern Cone 

With a mainly chartered fleet, the liner, which especializes in in bulk transport, has more than 20 years of experience, looking to expand business into the logistics area, delivering integral services. “Since we opened our offices in Santiago, we operate in Chilean and Peruvian ports. Our clients’ business focus on steel, grains and copper concentrate,” adds the company founder.

In Chile and Peru, Seacape operates with Agunsa as a Port Agent in ports like Antofagasta and Valparaiso in Chile and Callao Muelle Norte, Salaberry and Chimbote in Peru.

Investments and other businesses

 The liner also operates in the Agua Dulce terminal in the Colombian port of Buenaventura, where it debuted in the port investment area with a storage facility for keeping cargo for prolongued periods of time (for stays longer than the 72 hours the port allows before issuing a fine). The storage facility is currently under construction and is located only 1,000 feet from the dock, has 5,000 square meters and is expected to be operational by June 2018. “We have already installed machinery such as fork lift and other equipment because there’s cargo we’re storing,” comments the CEO.

Also, the regional commercial manager mentioned that the company is in constant search for new markets in Latin America “that allow to offer growth opportunities where our clients want to reach regularly, such as the WCCA and NOPAC routes.” Regarding the types of vessels in the fleet, Vergara highlights that the company is more focused on the use of “modern and low consumption ships in the long term, currently in operation, to later positioning on the Pacific and Atlantic coasts to offer more competitive freight services.”

By MundoMaritimo

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