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GB Port Innovations to conquer Asia

Chilean company debuts in Far East with innovative port solution
Edition of April 04, 2018

GB Port Innovations will debut in Asia, participating for the first time in the TOC Asia maritime industry event, to be held in Singapore April 24- 25. The Chilean company will be presenting its innovative port solution hatch cover support system for STS cranes, which was already shown to industry experts during the TOC Americas event in October 2017 in Lima, Peru.

Several Latin American ports have already installed hatch cover supports in their facilities, a practical solution that was first used in the Chilean port of Puerto Coronel. Created and patented in the southern-most country in the continent, this product quickly caught interest among ports due to the simplicity and efficiency of its design and structure, providing a comfortable solution for the space problem of storing hatch covers on quay ground. The hatch cover support system frees valuable space necessary for the traffic of port trucks, especially in the back reach, which is usually used for the temporary storage of containers.

Patents around the world

Guillermo Bobenrieth, general manager for GB Port Innovation and creator of the hatch cover support, comments that the device has patents to operate in various countries: Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Egypt, New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa. The most recent patent granted was Singapore, main reason that makes the Asian port so attractive for the company, as it is already enabled to operate in the country.

The most attractive feature of the hatch cover support is it allows storage of hatch covers without using up quay space. It can be a complete platform or a support, installed in the front legs of the crane or even in the back-reach area, with a custom design to fit the size and needs of every type of crane and ship, located at different heights and in various locations within the crane.

“GB Port Innovation has developed a device to hold the hatch cover safely on board the STS crane. It is a simple solution to release quay areas used to stack the hatch covers of the ships. The device consists of either a platform steel structure, or a special support, attached to the STS crane structure. The hatch covers are stacked on it using the crane spreader in the same way the crane operator currently handles the hatch covers,” explains the executive.

Global presence

Puerto Coronel, in Chile, was the first port to display hatch cover support device. From there it has conquered spaces in Latin American ports such as Ecoporto in Santos and Paranagua, in Brazil and Guayaquil in Ecuador. Also, the Colombian port of Buenaventura is installing seven hatch cover supports three of which will go on new cranes currently under construction, and the remaining four will be attached to existing structures. It is expected that the project will be operational during H2 2018.

Hatch cover supports are present in other ports around the world, such as Durban in South Africa, Pipavav in India, Yilport in Turkey and Liverpool in Great Britain.

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