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TPS reaches one million TEU transfer in 2017

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TPS reaches one million TEU transfer in 2017

Terminal increased annual cargo handling by 23%
Edition of December 12, 2017

This one was a good year for Terminal Pacífico Sur (TPS). The Valparaiso terminal announced one million TEUs transfered during 2017. “This goal is like coming of age for us, because you can only live it once and you never forget it,” said general manager Oliver Weinreich, who highlighted the importance of this achievement considering that the port has only 15 operative hectares, which makes it harder to reach such levels of efficiency in just one year.

Weinreich added “our operational continuity is one of the key factors for reaching this goal. We have been working for 17 years straight looking to maintain Valparaiso as a competitive port. That is why the 120 meter extension of the berthing facility and reaching one million TEUs in one year are relevant milestones that are connected with each other, added to the acquisition of new equipment. All of these efforts have helped is incrase our operative capacity by 18%.”

The executive continued commenting that “we want to continue on the path of effciency by acquiring two new gantry cranes –expected to arrive next year- and a new mobile crane that is already operating, added to the 3,000 reefer connections to face the peak fruit season this summer.” Weinreich also mentioned that the 120 meters of the new berthing facility were key for reaching the one million TEU goal “because there are days when we have two vessels unloading simultaneously and with today’s ships’ length and general size, we simply could not have fit two Neopanamax at the same time.”

TPS incrased cargo handling by 23% compared to the same period last year, a significant fact considering teh terminal moves 99% of Valparaiso’s containerized cargo. “That is why the challenge ahead is to continue adding effciency to our operation to maintain competitiveness,” said the executive.

We have inceased cargo handling every year and in the last six periods we’ve always come close to one million TEUs, but never managed to quite get there. Thanks to the new services that arrived and the combined efforts of our staff we reached our goal. We are very proud of all this work and wish to continue going down that path.”

Higher efficiency

For TPS investing in technology to improve speed in vessel service turned out to be the best tool. Ships are now larger and need to stay shorter periods of time at ports, so adressing these needs proves higher levels of efficiency in the overall service.  

We are fully prepared to face the upcoming fruit export season, which is expected to be intense. That is why we have invested in cranes and reefer connections to make sure Chilean fruit quality is not affected,” said the terminal general manager. The executive also highlighted that two years ago the entire operating system was updated and it is currently undergoing a final phase of adjustment, a key element in handling such large volumes of cargo.  

Weinreich made a special mention to German carrier Hamburg Süd, which played a fundamental role in achieving the goal of one million TEUs, having operated with TPS since 2000.

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