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MARSS: reinventing the business through technology


MARSS: reinventing the business through technology

Mobile app development by inspection, surveying company
Edition of December 21, 2017

In the world of instant communication, where everything is experienced in real time and delays in delivery of information are increasingly shorter, taking one or two days in preparing a report is a thing of the past. In MARSS International, Chilean crane, and maritime and industrial services inspection and surveying company, they decided to add technology to their processes to optimize work time and delivery deadlines with their clients.

Guido Poggi, general manager, tells in interview with MundoMaritimo what motivated this technological crusade. “We are a company with 30 years market experience and we want to move forward 30 years into the future and for that we need to differentiate ourselves from the competition by delivering a better service and bringing the client to the center of the business. That is why we decided to modernize our tools and adapt to the times.”


With a portfolio of over 200 clients annually, distributed among the many types of services that each require, this was not an easy task. Everything from port surveying to mechanical equipment inspections, each client has a specific need and MARSS knew how to develop a mobile work tool for its inspectors so that they could improve their experience in the field.

It is a mobile device app (phones and tablets) that is custom enabled for each surveyor depending on the clients they have to work with, and loads the specific forms that the customer needs. The surveyor logs on to the personal user account, opens the corresponding form, completes it with the required information and then sends it as PDF file to the selected recipients, be it the client or someone internally in MARSS for final fact checking.

The app is controlled from MARSS office, where only the needed forms are enabled for the surveyor to work with and all data is handled with the most strict confidentiality.

Technology from up above  

The use of a GoPro camera is another one of the innovations that the vehicle inspection service has installed. These mobile cameras are used to record the conditions in which the vehicles arrive in port, therefore becoming a trustworthy evidence before all actors in the supply chain.

There’s also the use of drones for recording images of conditions of places and products. The use of this type of technology not only allows to reduce time and money for operations but is also serves as evidence of the product’s quality.

MARSS International has offices in Valparaiso and Santiago and operative presence in th country’s main ports, supported by a portfolio of international clients that prefer the quality of their services.

By MundoMaritimo

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