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AGUNSA assisted in the passage through Chilean Waters the “USS Independence”

Aircraft carrier passed through Magellan and Valparaiso without any crew
Edition of May 03, 2017

The large aircraft carrier at 60,000 tons, passed through Magellan and Valparaiso without any crew, towed by Dino Chouest, from the naval base in Bremerton, Washington, to its final destination at the Port of Brownsville, Texas.

The services rendered by AGUNSA to Dino Chouest were the delivery of fuel from the tanker AGUNSA Capella, the coordination of channel pilots for the safe transiting of Magellan Strait, the tug support in convoy through the channel, as well as during her stay in Valparaiso.

The “USS Independence” is the fourth, and last, aircraft carrier of the conventionally powered supercarriers, entering service in 1959, until she was decommissioned in 1998, to be dismantled this year at Brownsville.

AGUNSA, is a Chilean company, created in 1960 as a Shipping Agency, which would later extend her reaches into providing services at Ports, Airports, Logistics and Transport, with coverage in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Her international experience in the shipping industry, allows her to implement the best practices in supplying fuels worldwide to ship owners or ship operators, while offering a product-service of the highest level.  AGUNSA is also a member of the IBIA – International Bunker Industry Association.

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